"Renegade Pest Controller Breaks Ranks Reveals The Mole Trapping Secrets Others In The Industry 
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Veteran Professional Shows You How To Quickly And Easily Rid Your Beautiful Lawn Of Destructive Moles 
In Less Than 24-Hours!
Throw Away The Children’s Windmills... 
Upturned Bottles On Sticks... 
And Moth Balls Down The Runs… For Ever!

Dear Frustrated Lawn Grower, 
There’s a very good chance you’re reading this because you’ve poured a LOT of time, money and devotion into growing your lawn to get it just the way you want it… nice and smooth and green and flat and trimmed, just like Augusta Golf Course (or as near as you can get it).
And there’s an even better chance…
It’s Totally RUINED By Moles!
Big mounds of brown earth all over your pride and joy… depressions in the turf where the mole runs have caved in… and most frustrating of all… no sign of the moles when you’re out there looking to eradicate them!*package_mid-226x300*jpg?alt=media&token=f39749ae-c716-4c47-8604-1b95f7f9e9e8


The chances are you’ve tried everything in your power to get rid of those little devils too.
In fact, just tick off any of these methods you’ve tried:
* Moth Balls down the runs
* Children’s toy windmills sticking out of the lawn - dozens of them
* Empty bottles on sticks
* Battery operated Mole deterrents
* Egg shells
* Chewing gum
* Banana peelings
* Human hair
* Soap and bacon grease
* Human urine
* Chemical pellets
* And even smoke…
And if you’ve tried any of these, I’ll bet none of them worked very long either, did they? 
Now here’s the important thing ....

Sorry To Say This
But They’re All Worthless!

You see, the plain and simple truth is, the ONLY effective way to get rid of the moles destroying your garden and driving you insane is… trapping them.
And when I say trap, I don’t mean any old trap you can pick up at your local department store…
You need something that’s deadly effective and does the job quickly and efficiently. 

This Tried And Tested Method NEVER Fails

"My name is Kevin Murphy and pest control is what I do.
I’ve been in this business for well over twenty years now, so you could say I’m a bit of a veteran at this. And believe me, you need to love this job to stay at it for any length of time.
In fact, I class myself as one of the ‘old school’ pest controllers who were taught by the ‘old guard’. People I looked up to and learned all the old tricks of the trade from.
So much so, I seem to have specialised in mole trapping over the years, and using the stuff I know, my success rate is very high in the industry.
But something’s rattled my cage, so to speak, over the last few years.
And that’s the flood of poor quality traps and lack of proper advice for the homeowner about mole trapping. In fact, it’s got to the point now where I get desperate calls from people who’ve either set traps, or tried to set traps, and they’ve ended up angry, frustrated and even with pinched fingers!
See, the manufacturers of these cheap traps don’t give clear instructions on how to use them. So well-meaning people end up wasting time, effort and money trying to use these things and hurting themselves. And that’s not good is it?
So I decided to do something about it by writing a simple, but highly effective mole trapping manual.
This manual tells you all the little tricks and secrets for getting the most out of any traps you set in your garden,

How To Get Rid Of The Moles 
In Less Than 24-Hours!

By now you’re probably wondering why I’m doing this?
Well, there are only so many moles in my area I can deal with. And I can’t possibly trap every mole in the world no matter how hard I try!
And why should I keep all this knowledge to myself, when there are more than enough moles out there causing mayhem to people’s property? You need help now!
Now the thing is: A lot of my fellow professionals have taken a dim view of what I’ve done, but as I’ve said, there’s more moles out there than we can handle, so letting you know how to do it properly isn’t going to make much of a dent in their business is it?
Anyway… that’s why I’ve created the easy to use, step-by-step mole trapping training manual and DVD called…


This resource is fully illustrated with colour photographs and clear step-by-step instructions. Everything is designed to be nice and simple.
So here are some of the things you’ll discover as you read the book and watch the DVD…
* The most important thing you MUST do to your trap before you use it for the first time. Most traps are mass produced and all they need is one simple adjustment to give you years of error free use... 
* All you need to know about 'trowels'.  A good quality trowel is essential in mole trapping. Find out the best make to buy and how to use it like a pro.
* Discover the best material to use to cover the trap. Known as a 'board', this special material gives perfect cover once the trap is set...
* The importance of gloves. When setting your traps, there are a number of reasons why the use of gloves is essential. 
Find out how to AVOID making these mistakes..
* Preparing the ground BEFORE you set your traps. Here's what you absolutely MUST do, 24 - 48 hours before you set your traps. If you don't, then you'll have a high failure rate...
* How to locate the 'run' and prepare the hole. This can make or break a successful catch. Watch how easy it is to pin-point your trap position for maximum effect. Get this bit wrong and the mole will have the last laugh!
* Placing the trap. Watch closely as Kevin shows you how to 'set' the trap and place it into the ground. It’s IMPORTANT to see how this is done correctly, because many people get this SO wrong and the mole gets away...
* Covering the trap. Get hot tips on how you should cover and leave the trap. You can't be around all the time, so here's a cool trick for leaving it and locating it again, days later... 
* Checking the trap. When you return to the trap later, Kevin shows you how to check if the trap has been triggered, WITHOUT removing it from the ground. This'll save you a lot of digging work...
Success! You’ve caught a mole and need to remove it PROPERLY from the trap. Here's how to do it without coming into contact with the mole...
* How to fill in the hole after use and leave the site safe and sound.
* Watch how Kevin completes the job to make sure no one has an accident you might regret...
So as you can see, nothing’s been left out of this book and DVD.
In fact, the information you’ll have in your hands is so good and easy to use, you could easily start a small mole trapping business if you wanted! 
Don’t believe me? 

If A 15-Year Old Boy Can Do It… So Can You! 
"I Put An Advert In The Local Paper And
Within A Week I Got A Call” 

"Hi Kevin,
I am going to Borneo in 2011 to help build a school and teach in the community and in order to do so I need to raise a lot of money.
I put an advert in the local paper and within a week I got a call. I watched your DVD and read the book and learnt how to trap them.
I kicked over the mole hills on Monday, placed the traps on Wednesday, checked them to see I had caught a mole on Friday, then re-set the traps and was rid of the moles by Sunday.
All in a week and it was really easy and has helped get me that little bit closer to Borneo.
I managed to charge £50 for four visits, I now have a few more customers waiting for me, and am also looking for more customers to help me raise more money so I can achieve my aim and get to Borneo. Thanks Kevin”
James Hill Age 15 

It is possible… and in a few minutes you’ll have in your hands all you need to get going ridding your prized lawn of those annoying moles with complete confidence and safety.
As you use the all the little tricks and tips inside, you’ll soon have a lawn to be proud of again and your friends and neighbours will be amazed at how you managed to do it and they haven’t.
In fact, you’ll be known as the ‘go to guy’ and people will be asking your advice and help to get the moles out of their gardens as well!
And now for the best bit: Once you’ve blitzed the moles and they’re out of your life, you’ll want to get your lawn into tip top shape again, right? 

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Okay, Let’s Take Another Look At The Whole Package And The Amazing Back-Up Resources
You Get… 

“Secrets Of Successful Mole Trapping” Training Manual. Here’s everything I’ve learned during my years of pest control, specialising in mole trapping.
There’s nothing complicated and the book is written in plain and simple English anyone can understand. 

Bonus #1: “Lawn Growing Success Secrets” learn the secret of a great lawn without needing a professional – you can do it and I can show you how!
Bonus #2: 18-month Upgrades To The Book. My research is never ending. So when I find new sources of valuable information ready to be tapped, I’ll update “Secrets Of Successful Mole Trapping” and you’re GUARANTEED to get the updated book totally free of charge.
I’m sure you can see what a great package this is…
I’ve left no stone unturned to make sure everything’s covered, so you can quickly and easily make a great start eliminating nuisance moles in your garden. 

And that’s not all…
Because I want you to really succeed in getting your lawn back into great shape, I’ll take all the risk away from you by giving you my…
Cast - Iron 60 Day Money Back Guarantee ......
That’s right, if you’re not completely satisfied with “Secrets Of Successful Mole Trapping” and the TWO BONUSES for any reason, then simply let me know within 60-days of purchase… and I’ll refund your money… no questions asked and no hard feelings.
That’s a full refund, not partial or pro-rated.
Plus you’ll be able to keep the book and DVD with my compliments. So you really can’t lose on this.
I’m sure you’ll agree that’s a good deal and there’s absolutely no risk to you!

What To Do Now…
So now that you’ve seen everything that comes with “Secrets Of Successful Mole Trapping” and you’ve seen the successful results others get by using my methods, I invite you to order “Secrets Of Successful Mole Trapping” right away…
For a very brief window of time, I’m offering this whole package at the promotional investment of £9.95.
Download Your E book £9.95 

Look, if you want to carry on as you are now, battling to keep moles at bay using all the weird and wonderful methods that DON’T work, then that’s fine.
But, here’s a way for you to get an amazing manual showing you in exact detail what DOES work in your garden.
People - just like you – from all over the world are applying the techniques of “Secrets Of Successful Mole Trapping” to preserve their lawns and enjoy them once more.
So I urge you to take the first small step in helping yourself get rid of those moles once and for all and get your lawn back to its full glory!
Let's trap some moles!
Kevin Murphy

P.S. Remember: “Secrets Of Successful Mole Trapping” book … and the TWO BONUSES are fully covered by a 60-day, money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, then simply let me know within 60-days of purchase and I’ll refund your money… no questions asked and no hard feelings. 

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